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Professional analysis of site statistics

CNStats PRO - Professional System for Accumulation and Analysis of Site Attendance Statistics

CNStats PRO (CNStats Professional) is the professional system for accumulation and analysis of the site attendance statistics. More than 50 basic reports are available via web-interface. The system is easy to install and to set up, and it allows counting all the visitors of your web-site - both humans and search bots. All the information about web-site visits is stored on your server, which meets the requirements of safety and privacy.

CNStats PRO suits to upcoming projects perfectly. The system allows you to respond to visitors' actions in real-time, to analyze the attendance in relation to various time periods, to estimate the results of advertising campaigns, to obtain various statistic excerpts.

CNStats PRO is based on the popular and time-proved system for site statistics accumulation and analysis CNStats. CNStats reliability and convenience together with a new functional and support level provide an accurate and high-quality tool for professionals aimed at a goal achievement, who appreciate their time and use only up-to-date solutions.

CNStats PRO Features:

For basic CNStats PRO features, screenshots, versions history, etc., please see the CNStats STD product page.

We have prepared the comparison table of CNStats PRO and CNStas STD which contains differences between these two versions, please see it here.