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CNStats STD/PRO - Unique Features and Possibilities

CNStats STD/PRO is one of the most popular systems for site statistics monitoring and analysis. This brief features tour will guide you through the unique system possibilities that explain why thousands of customers have chosen CNStats to promote their web-site.

Unique Interface

The application interface allows viewing and processing the site statistics conveniently. We take into consideration customers' wishes and suggestions and do our best to make CNStats more suitable for you.

You can surf through the pages easily going to the required page of a report in no time.

Quick filters are available in the reports, which allow obtaining additional information without reloading the page.

All the reports are divided into several large blocks for convenient navigation.

Reports Export, Pie Charts, Print Version

Now you can export data to CSV format (supports Excel and any other spreadsheets). The export functions allow you to store all necessary data, as well as to process it.

Please pay attention to the possibility of building pie charts: now the statistics data can be more illustrative.

Print version allows obtaining a hard copy of a report; it is quite convenient for meetings, conferences, etc.

Database Export

Export option allows you to move old data on web-site visits into the archive and, thus, to free space in the database. CNStats uses its own log-file format which keeps all information on your web-site visits.

Besides, CNStats can export and import data on web-site visits from/into the log-files in Apache format.

Graphical Gounters
Standart counter Custom counter

CNStats provides a graphical site counter of visits. The site counter can be of various sizes, for example, a 88x31 image. You can select a color template and a mode for displaying digital data - pagesviews for specific time periods (total, today, unique hosts today).

Web-site Optimisation for Search Engines - SEO
Search Phrases

Search Engines

Tracking Visitors Actions

It is possible to monitor the number of visitors coming from the search engines. A group of reports provides the detailed information about referring web-pages, search phrases leading to your web-site, dynamics of jumps from the search engines etc. Thus, the site optimisation is based on the actual site statistics generated in the real-time mode.

Reports for Specific Time Periods
Calendar Select Specific Date

It is possible to set up time periods for every statistics report - for last 5 minutes, 1 hour, 24 hours, yesterday, 7 days, 30 days. A built-in calendar helps to select any time period.

Geographical Reports


Starting with version 2.9, CNStats distribution kit supports CNGeoip database, which allows identifying countries and cities your web-site visitors are from and to analyze web-site usage by means of the world map. CNStats also supports GeoIP database.

Multi-language Support
Language support

While logging into the site statistics, you should select the preferable language. Each user can define his/her own language settings, since the data on the selected language is stored in cookie.

All the language resources are stored in one file, so you can easily add a new language.

Separating Bots from Users
Bots and Users

CNStats counts all visits to your web-site. It is very important for site statistics analysis to identify a visitor: a human being or a search bot. A special option allows distinguishing between them while viewing the site statistics.

Convenient Installation

A built-in installer allows you to install CNStats on your web-site easily. It can also detect the existing version and update it if necessary.

Advertising Efficiency Analysis
Goals Achievements List

This group of reports allows you to evaluate benefits of the advertising campaigns. It is possible to track visitors who perform certain actions: to identify where they come from, to evaluate a period between the first entry to the web-site and the time of any useful action (actual purchase, registration at forum, file downloading, etc.), to estimate the efficiency of the advertising campaigns.


CNStats is easily integrated into any web-site administering system. It is possible to switch off CNStats built-in authorization and use the authorization system of the web-site for logging in the site statistics. Besides, you can adjust color scheme of CNStats interface and set up the desired screen resolution using skin files.

Powerful System of Filters
Fixed Filter

Quick Filter

Data filters can be set up for all the reports to make site statistics analysis more accurate. The filters are available directly at the site statistics interface. It is possible to create fixed filters for frequently done analysis and temporary filters which can be created right within the reports. Filters allow collecting the site statistics detailization for certain URLs, net masks, visitor's data, and so forth.

Page Titles Statistics
Popular Titles Report

CNStats allows you to count page titles and to generate reports for popular titles. Thus, a CNStats owner gains an extra option for site statistics analysis.

Guest Login
Guest Account

It is possible to set up a guest login to the site statistics for your employees or customers. They will have access only to statistic reports and filters.

On-line Statistics Analysis
Currently On-line Visitors

Information about your web-site visitor is delivered to CNStats at the moment of a web-page generation/download. It is possible to start processing this information at once - to track a visitor while he/she is browsing the web-site.

Reporting via E-Mail
E-mail report

It is possible to deliver reports via E-Mail. It allows monitoring the essential site statistics parameters without logging in CNStats.