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CNCat 4.3.2 User Manual

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Information Block "New Links"

If the web-directory is a part of your site and you wish to place the block informing about new links and articles on one or several pages of your site, you can use the script cncat_info_items.php

This script outputs the list of recently added entries along with their descriptions. You can use the script code as an example of getting a list of recently added links or include it into your PHP code as follows:

echo file_get_contents ("http://web-directory_URL/cncat_info_items.php");

To configure the way the list will be displayed, use the following parameters:


Description and Possible Values


-1 (by default) display links and articles

0 display links

1 display articles


Number of displayed items (5 by default).


Defines the order number of the item to start displaying from (0 by default, i.e. starting from the very first new link or article).


Restriction on the number of symbols in the description (150 by default).


Sorting order:

submit_date (by default) in the descending order by date, i.e. the newest links are displayed.

rating_moder in the descending order by moderator's rate.

rating_users in the descending order by users' rate.

For example:


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