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CNCat 4.3.2 User Manual

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Installing CNCat into Joomla

To install CNCat onto the site working on Joomla content management system, do the following:

  1. Download CNCat version for Joomla from the official web site ( http://www.cn-software.com/en/cncat/download/ );
  2. On the Control Panel of Joomla, select Extensions - Install/Uninstall tab;
  3. Upload package file (browse for CNCat distribution kit com_cncat.zip, saved on a disc);
  4. Click the Upload File & Uninstall button.

The installation will run automatically. After the installation is completed, web-directory access data and URL will be displayed:

Installation Completion

Installation Completion

Save your login and password before you close this page.

You can change your login and password by modifying the components/com_cncat/cncat/cncat_config/config.php file.

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