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Terms of Use of "CN-Software" Ltd. Sites

This document is a juridical agreement between a user and "CN-Software" Ltd ". The agreement determines the terms of use of informational materials placed at www.cn-software.com, www.cn-software.ru, www.geobaza.ru (hereinafter named as Sites) including (but not limited to) graphic images, textual data, as well as files accessible for downloading. By accessing, browsing and/or using the Sites, a user acknowledges that he/she has read, understood, and agreed to be bound by these terms and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations set forth in the document. "CN-Software" Ltd. reserves the right to change the terms of the Sites usage without notifying their visitors; any subsequent use of the Sites shall constitute the visitors' acceptance of all such changes.


Being an intellectual property of "CN-Software", Ltd, any software (including databases) that is made available to download from the Sites (hereinafter named as Applications) is protected by the copyright law. Use of the Software is governed by the terms of the end user license agreement, if any, which accompanies or is included with the Application ("License Agreement"). An end user will be unable to install any Application that is accompanied by or includes a License Agreement, unless he or she first agrees to the License Agreement terms.

The Application is made available for download solely for use by end users according to the License Agreement. Any reproduction or redistribution of the Application that violates the License Agreement is expressly prohibited by law, and may result in severe civil and criminal penalties.

Limitation of Rights

All the Sites materials are protected by the Russian Federation copyright law, being an intellectual property of "CN-Software" Ltd. or the materials owner. The Sites materials can be duplicated only for personal non-commercial purpose (except for cases determined by written agreements between "CN-Software" Ltd. and the persons using the materials). Any other usage of the Sites materials is prohibited. Any modification of the Sites materials is also forbidden. The information contained on the Sites may not be reproduced in any form or any means without the prior written permission of the rightholder, except for cases set forth in the agreement.

Total or partial reproduction of the Sites materials is strictly forbidden without the prior written permission of "CN-Software", Ltd.

Trademarks, Logotypes, and Emblems

All trademarks, service marks, trade names, logotypes, and emblems located on the Sites are proprietary to its rightholders. The Sites visitors may not use these trademarks, service marks, trade names, logotypes, and emblems without the prior written permission of the rightholders.

Limitation of Liability

"CN-Software" Ltd. reserves the right to change, modify, add, or delete any portion of the materials placed on the Sites.

The information, content and materials on the Sites are provided "as is" and without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. "CN-Software" Ltd. does not provide any guarantee for accuracy, relevancy, copyright compliance, legality, or decency of the Sites data or the results of its usage, as well as any other materials placed on the Sites. In no event will "CN-Software" Ltd. be liable for any direct, indirect, special or other consequential damages for any use or loss of use of the Sites.

Legislative Control

Any juridical statements concerning the Sites materials and their usage are governed in accordance with the existing legislation of the Russian Federation.

Links to Third Party Sites

The Sites may contain links to other companies' web-sites. By clicking on links to other sites, the user assumes all the risk and possible liability that result from obtaining any content of these sites. "CN-Software" Ltd. is not responsible for the availability of such external sites or resources, and does not endorse and is not responsible for the accuracy, relevancy, and reliability of the material contained on other sites. "CN-Software" Ltd. officials and stuff may not share the opinion of the Sites materials authors, as well as that of the owners of the linked sites.